Letting the Light In

Advantages of Working With Global Link LLC

The Global Link Difference

We support OEM customers by providing


  • Low cost, high quality materials, components, sub-assemblies, and assembly services for cost, quality, and response time improvement. This allows them to focus on their core competencies and leverage our capabilities.

  • Complete logistical services through our system or that of our alliance suppliers. We provide warehouse support in Asia, in North America, and other locations in addition to the transportation, customs, and import/export support.

  • Complete program management of the programs, supply chain, and engineering process assures on time, error free project execution.

  • Rapid prototyping and technical services for low to high volume parts, components, and sub-assemblies.

Suppliers receive support through


  • Definitive market and potential customer research to determine potential opportunities.

  • Program or application research and planning to assure certainty of sales, proper placement, and mutual satisfaction. This includes OEM, aftermarket, retail, and potential specialty outlets.

  • Competitive product and producer intelligence to improve price, feature, and product definitions.

Research Clients can receive support through


  • Specific or general research assignments focusing on a variety of topics and industries

  • Supplier/producer consultation on product, system, marketing, and/or business topics appraising capability, potential improvements, and/or competiveness.

  • Technical and business support including but not limited to engineering, program management, sales, and operational development